• Bottazzi art public cote azur Martigues
  • Bottazzi public art in Martigues France
  • Bottazzi art public in cote azur at Martigues

Guillaume Bottazzi created this summer 2018 a monumental and poetic painting on the island of Martigues, Nicknamed the "Provençale Venice".This 80 square meters painting is located quai Toulmond, in the heart of historical district of Martigues, city of Art and History in Côte d’Azur. 
This monumental work is on permanent on public view, and now belongs to the city heritage.
Bottazzi Fance3 JT 2018    Bottazzi France 3 - art public à Martigues - plateau 2018
france bleu radio   Bottazzi art public au journal télévisé de Maritima sept 2018
RCF radio                   nostalgie radio
france bleu radio   bottazzi JT Maritima TV aout 2018