Solo Exhibitions

2016 Artiscope Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2016 Artiscope Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

French May, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong

Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

Artiscope Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2014 Artiscope Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan 

2013 Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2011 Miyanomori International Museum of Art, Sapporo, Japan

2009 Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2008 Galerie Art fort rêveur, Brussels, Belgium

2007 Galerie de Bellecour, Lyon, France

2006 Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2006 National Museum of Fine Arts, Vienne; France

2004 A.R.T foundation, Tokyo, Japan


2003 Galerie Claude Dorval, Paris, France

2003 Private Viewing, Brussels, Belgium

2003 Galerie Reinold Ketelbuters, Brussels, Belgium

2003 Annex Gallery, New York, USA

2003 Zandi Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2002 Goldstrom Gallery, New York, USA

2002Zandi Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2001 Private Viewing, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

2000 Cloître des Cordeliers, Tarascon, France

2000 Galerie Zinzen, Brussels, Belgium

2000 Galerie Vekava, Paris, France

1999 Galerie Artis, Lyon, France

1999 Mayor house, Lyon, France

1998 Galerie Zinzen, Brussels, Belgium

1997 Boston Consulting Group, Devonshire House, London, England

1996 Galerie Zinzen, Brussels, Belgium

1995 Logos Art Gallery, London, England

1994 Galerie REC, Paris, France

1993 Alliance française, Lyon, France



Group exhibitions

2018 Pascal Gabert Gallery, Paris, France

2018 Pascal Gabert Gallery, Paris, France

Artiscope Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2017 Artiscope Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2013 Miyanomori International Museum of Art (MIMAS), Japan 

2012 Art Rink festival, Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo 

2012 Yanaka Geikouten, Gallery Itsutsuji, Art festival, Tokyo

2011 Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2010 Roppongi Art Night, Tokyo, Japan

2010 Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2010 Villa Tamaris Centre d'Art Toulon/Provence/Mediterranee, France

2010 Roppongi Art Night, Tokyo, Japan

2009 Center for Contemporary Public Arts, Bitola, Macedonia

2009 Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2008 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan

2008 National Center for Contemporary arts, Moscow, Russia

2008 Micro Museum, Brooklyn, USA

2008 Florean Museum, Bucharest, Romania

2008 Micro Museum, Brooklyn, USA

2008 Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2007 National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2007 Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

2007 Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2006 National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2006 New Art Center Gallery, New York, USA

2006 Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo, Japan

2006 National Art Museum, Novosibirsk State, Russia

2006 Kokomo Art Gallery, Indiana University, Indiana, USA

2004 Goldstrom Gallery, New York, USA


Florean Museum, Bucharest, Romania

2004 Denver International Airport, Denver, USA 

2004 Goldstrom Gallery, New York, USA

2004 Boreas gallery, New York, USA

2003 Galerie Claude Dorval, Paris, France

2003 Galerie Reinold Ketelbuters, Brussels, Belgium

2003 Blackheath Gallery, Blackheath, London, England

2003 Goldstrom Gallery, New York, USA

2002 Galerie Reinold Ketelbuters, Brussels, Belgium

2002 Agora Gallery, West Broadway Av, New York, USA

2002 Goldstrom Gallery, Broadway Av, New York, USA

2002 Museum of the Minnesota, Whipple Gallery, Minnesota, USA

2002 Queen Shorough, Community Collection Art, Gallery Queen, New York, USA

2001 Contemporary Art Fair, Doha, Qatar

2001 Sai Kung, Private Viewing, Hong Kong

2001 Goldstrom Gallery, Broadway Av, New York, USA

2000 Linéart Art Fair 2000, Centre des Congrès, Gent, Belgium

2000 Galerie Zinzen, Brussels, Belgium

2000 Goldstrom Gallery, New York, USA

1997 Linéart Art Fair 1997, Gent, Belgium

1997 Art 54 Gallery, New York, USA

1996 Linéart Art Fair1996, Gent, Brussels

1996 Galerie Zinzen, Brussels, Belgium

1996 Alliance Française, Durban, South Africa

1995 La Galerie, Manila, Philippines

1995 National Museum of Kaosiung, Kaosiung, Taiwan

1995 Alliance Française,Taipei, Taiwan

1994 Galerie du Temple, Paris, France